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  How The Course Works

Task #1: Analysing

To make a difference, something needs to change. I've read dozens of self-help and sports psychology books that teach people how to improve on their strengths, and while this is really important, after years of helping people to up their performance in many different fields, I know that it's often not enough...

When we are struggling to fulfil our potential, it's almost always because something is holding us back.

The first task in this course helps you to begin to understand what that could be for you (because it's not always that obvious).

You'll learn how to ask the questions that uncover this vital information, and this sets you up for the rest of this course as well as any of the other Thought Engineering modules that you might choose to take to let go of your self-sabotaging demons.

Task #2: Determining

The next step is to map out where you what to get to. This, again, is something we often think we have a clear idea of until we ask ourselves the right questions.

With this task you'll start spelling out specifically what you'd like to think, do or feel differently when you have unlocked the best version of yourself.

Task #3: Understanding

In the next section of the course, you'll learn about the process your mind uses to create and maintain negative thoughts and behaviours, and how you can use this information to hack your mind and crack the code.

Audio: Breaking Patterns

You'll then access an exclusive Cognitive Hypnotherapy audio recording of hypnotic suggestions designed to both teach you the art of relaxation and how to begin breaking the mental processes associated with the things that hold you back.

This is an important part of the process, and something that is so often missing from self-development programs. Knowing what to do and how to do it is one thing, but you need a way to program these ideas into your mind in order to really get things moving.

This you have for life, but my minimum recommendation is that you use it for two weeks to really begin reprogramming your thinking.

Task #4: Circuit Breakers

Finally, after listening to the audio at least once, I'll be giving you some extra tips for how you can further erode the negative stuff in order to maximise the good.

Armed with this information, you'll be able to proceed with an entirely different understanding of how to take control in the situations you most need to.